Airto Moreira

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Released on September 30th 2003
Airto's new CD entitled "Life After That"
(Narada Records - Virgin / EMI).

It's combination of primitive tribal celebration, spiritual depth and modern beats that will make you feel the creative energy of the universe. You can find it in all major stores and on the Internet


Airto Moreira
Best Picks #1
By Airto Moreira

This is a CD I put out myself. It is a great collection of what I consider to be some of my best stuff. At the moment you can only buy this CD at my gigs. So check out my tour schedule and drop on by. You can also get this CD online by joining my "Fun Club"

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Perpetual Emotion
By Flora Purim

This is one of the latest CDs I recorded with Flora on the Narada label. It is a great recording with a more acoustic jazz sound. You can listen to sample tracks by clicking the CD cover. Other musicians on the CD are Gary Meek, Christian Jacob, Trey Henry and Oscar Castro Neves.