Domain Name   Description
Eiko Konishi's Page Eiko has had a wonderful site about Flora and myself for years and I thought it would be a good link to add.
Flora Purim This is Flora's current web site

Drummerszone The most complete drummers website on the planet! I endorse it!

Drummer World This website has a few nice photos of Airto and also some video.

Christian Jacob Christian Jacob's web site has a great collection of tour photos from my "Perpetual Emotion" tour with Flora Purim, Gary Meek, Christian Jacob and Trey Henry. So take a look.

Latin Percussion Percussion leader for over 35 years.

Odery Drums Hand made custom drums.

Zildjian The world's leading cymbal makers.

Audix Recognized by the industry as the world's best performing microphones.

Vic Firth The number one drumstick in the world.

RMV Percussion, hardware and drumheads.

EyedentityMusic Mine and Flora's daughter Diana has a great web site about their band so I thought some of you might find it interesting

Miles Beyond Site dedicated to the electric music of Miles Davis.

Kodo Drummers This is the official Japanese site for the Kodo drummers. You should check them out!

Gifted Artists Records Gifted Artists Records was founded by Eddie Tuduri as a vehicle for people with various disabilities to record professional CDs.

Janis Wilkins at ArtGraphica designed my beautiful site re-do!

Janis Wilkins This is a link to Janis' website for photography. She did these photographs
of me laughing out in nature.

GR8Music I've recorded several CDs with Dom Camardella at Sound Design Studios in Santa Barbara. Dom is a dear friend of mine who happens to be a great engineer with a wonderful studio.

Video of Airto Gr8Music has put together some nice streaming video of Airto interviews and rare concert footage. The Isle of Wight video is just great! This link will take you there.

N Scott Robinson This is the site for N. Scott Robinson who is a percussionist and did research for this site.