Killer Bees "The Gods at Play" Vinyl
Special DJ 180gm Virgin Vinyl Limited Edition Boxed Set
Each box set is shrink-wrapped and contains nine colour reproductions of the original album artwork, with startlingly original interpretations of the songs created by designer, Gary Edwards, and Airto's own sleeve notes. In all, the vinyl version of 'Killer Bees' is a must for any hi-fi jazz fan.
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Killer Bees "The Gods at Play" CD
This is the CD version of the Vinyl Boxed Set
"Like a fusion of the best moments of Return to Forever, Weather Report and Miles Davis circa 'Bitches Brew', (ex-bands of collaborators here), 'Killer Bees' shows that jazz in the nineties can still delight, surprise and lead by example. 'Killer Bees' is a buzz "
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Listen and Play Video
Issued in 1993 VHS
On Listen and Play:
Airto's band, Fourth World, performs four great compositions
and Airto breaks down his drumming in each.
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Rhythms and Colors Video
Issued in 1993 VHS
On Rhythms and Colors:
Airto discusses his overall approach to playing drums and percussion. He demonstrates on drumset, his dynamic interpretation of many of the essential Afro-Brazilian rhythms including Samba, Baiao, March and Frevo.
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Highlights Video
Issued in 1995 VHS
This special tape features highlights from Airto's critically acclaimed videos, "Rhythms and Colors" and "Listen and Play"
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Airto's Instructional Book with CD
This book/CD package is based on Airto's two instructional videos
"Rhythms and Colors" and "Listen and Play"
It will give you insite into Airto's inovative drumming and a breakdown of each of eight songs performed by Airto and his band.
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